Practising Yoga through pregnancy might help you to plan the challenges of pregnancy and birth. Pregnancy Yoga is really a gentler form of Yoga you might be used to seeing and hearing about. The positions or postures will be adapted so they are suitable for pregnant women.

Your Pregnancy Yoga teacher will educate you on breathing exercises and this can be extremely helpful when you’re in labour. You will also figure out how to relax and deal with stress and anxiety which can be common in pregnancy.

What should I take to my first Pregnancy Yoga Class?

You may need to have a mat with you but most Yoga Classes provides mats which might be rented so check with the organiser beforehand.

Some Yoga Classes provides blocks which can make it easier to enter certain yoga positions. Again, ask the organiser to see if these are provided.

You may need to take a blanket or a cushion for comfort to obtain into certain postures and keep you warm. Pool running shallow water It’s wise to take a bottle of water with one to the class in case you get thirsty.

It is best to clothe themselves in light and loose clothing that wont restrict your movements. Wearing layers is definitely a good idea in order to take the layers off if and when you get too hot. You won’t need to take any special shoes because yoga is normally practised barefoot.

Your instructor may need you to complete a pregnancy questionnaire and bring this to your high grade. This can let your instructor know what stage of pregnancy you’re at and if there are any important medical issues she or he needs to be aware of.

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Is your instructor properly qualified?

Before you decide on a Pregnancy Yoga Class, you should check whether the instructor is properly qualified to teach yoga to pregnant women.